Hudson Valley Reclaimed

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We have a substantial collection of reclaimed material from all over the Hudson Valley. From Dutch-style beams to burls, every piece of salvage has its own story. To build a wooden bench is one thing, to build a wooden bench from a 150 year old chestnut beam is another.



Our reclaimed material gives depth and authenticity to any project while remaining environmentally friendly. Almost everything we have was once used for a different purpose somewhere in the Hudson Valley. Fallen wood and stream bed stone, because of their unique shapes and patterns are also too good to pass up.



What better way to prove our point than to showcase what HVR can produce. Our in-house carpenter and sculptor KC Stippa uses his artistic background to create unique and functional works of art out of wood, stone, and metal. From benches to swings to water fountains, KC creates all kinds of wonderful pieces both from his imagination and by request.

Helping to preserve heritage through art and design

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Who We Are

We're as Hudson Valley as you can get. Our "workspace" is the Hudson Valley. Although we call Greene County our home, our reclaimed material could be from Albany, Columbia, Dutchess, Ulster, or even Putnam County. From the banks of the Hudson River to the Berkshire and Catskill Mountains, everything we have either grew or was built here in the Hudson Valley. HVR exists thanks to Hudson Valley native and wood collector, KC Stippa. His passion for the natural world and knowledge of the region is what keeps us going. As a local artist and craftsman, KC exhibits his talents using our reclaimed material. It is our hope that the history and natural beauty of the Hudson Valley can be appreciated by not only us but by people all over the world.

Where culture and salvage collide

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Where to Find us

We make appearances all over the Hudson Valley.
Find us next at the Brightwork Maker's Festival in Kingson, NY