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A talented carpenter and sculptor, Kenneth uses his artistic background to create unique and functional works of art out of wood and stone. From benches to swings to water fountains, Ken has been creating all kinds of wonderful pieces for the past 25 years. His methods are far less traditional and do not conform to only one style of art or carpentry. Kenneth uses the natural curvature of the wood to inspire his pieces. All of his wood projects contain only recycled wood from fallen trees or barns. Many of his works are not limited to wood but have on numerous occasions included stone and even iron.

Chestnut Bench aspect_ratio
Chestnut Benchclose

180 year old Chestnut Slab from reclaimed barn sill in Greeneville, NY. Juniper legs from fallen cedar. Back rest made using black birch roots

River Stone Bench aspect_ratio
River Stone Benchclose

Hand hewn eastern red cedar slab on top polished granite river stones. Coated with marine spar varnish.

Swing aspect_ratio

Red cedar chair held up by white cedar posts and a white oak cross beam.

Wood Sprite aspect_ratio
Wood Spriteclose

Spalted yellow birch coated with water-based polyurethane.

Chopping Block aspect_ratio
Chopping Blockclose

Maple table top and red oak legs with wheel casters attached to the bottom.

Long Bench aspect_ratio
Long Benchclose

Salvaged hemlock siding from 19th century Greene County barn.

Altar aspect_ratio

"We Build our Altar to Love and Keep"

Cedar Bench aspect_ratio
Cedar Benchclose

Cedar bench coated with mineral oil.

Hemlock Bench aspect_ratio
Hemlock Benchclose

Hemlock bench salvaged from 150 year old barn.

Platter aspect_ratio

Table-top platter made from old "Northern Spy" apple tree. Polished with mineral-oil.

Vanity aspect_ratio

Rustic bathroom vanity made from a combination of eastern white cedar and red cedar.

Post and Beam aspect_ratio
Post and Beamclose

Timber frame construction using reclaimed wood.

Panel Table aspect_ratio
Panel Tableclose

Reclaimed barn panels held together with butterfly joints.

Hall Bench aspect_ratio
Hall Benchclose

Combination of pine, hemlock and hickory. All from locally sourced, fallen or dead standing wood.

Table Set aspect_ratio
Table Setclose

Table and chairs made from beech, butternut, and locust

Wedding Table aspect_ratio
Wedding Tableclose

5ft X 16ft wedding table. Made from salvaged hemlock planks, a 10 inch hand hewn hemlock beam for legs, and wild grapevine for accent.

Plinth aspect_ratio

Carved from an old, fallen hemlock tree

Walnut Bench aspect_ratio
Walnut Benchclose

Bench top carved from black walnut tree with locust slats and cedar legs.

Fountain aspect_ratio

Body was carved from a cedar trunk. White oak was used to make the pedestal.